Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An open letter for those who send the dreaded "spam"

I look through my e-mail's junk folder whenever I need a good laugh, and you never disappoint.  The excessively cordial subject headers may succeed in rooking any number of unsuspecting souls into taking your ill-conceived bait, but I know better.

I've been royally ripped off by several of my closest friends over the years, so I believe it's fair to assume that some wealthy foreign dignitary cares nothing about sending me a check for thousands of dollars if only I first send him a check of my own "to get the ball rolling."

Additionally, I don't need to "discover secret methods" to get more women, nor do I need to "last longer" or make my already considerable package any more sizable than it already is.  Thanks anyway.

Burn in Hell,

Adam M. Woodford

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