Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"The Promise"

Open Letters Monthly, an online review of literature and the arts, recently featured a piece on a new book by Jonathan Alter called The Promise: President Obama, Year One (Simon & Schuster).  Because the critique focused more on the Tea Party movement than book itself, I felt that another rebuttal would be in order:

"The Tea Party could not have lasted this long, simply put, if the movement was based upon vacuous rhetoric and hate (or any variant thereof).  Indeed, what galvanizes those who aren’t fans of 'The Chosen One' has been building since before Obama became a presidential contender, which is further inflamed by two factors: 1) the GOP abandoning its base in order to 'reach out' to the coveted swing vote Moderates, and 2) the end result of the Left’s influence in the House, Senate, and media.

You cheer for Obama because he’s 'historic.'  You love the fact that America is bold enough to elect a handsome Black man with a booming voice and a studious charisma that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.  But the reality is that he is just another politician whose invincibility has dissolved because his far Left marrow has been shown beyond a shadow of any doubt.  So while the Left focuses on Obama’s race to stir our emotions, the Right will focus upon mindset and philosophy, which are what matter the most."
-- 5 July 2010 at 3:44 pm

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