Friday, July 16, 2010

As a fear of being labeled fades...

Just as an entire neighborhood is not ruined by a single bad house, neither is the Tea Party movement impeded by a couple of bad apples.  A quick turn of the mirror shows that groups such as the NAACP have been railing against the Tea Party since its inception, so their self-righteous indignation over a billboard in northern Iowa should come as no surprise.

Every faction of society, without exception, has a kook fringe.  But some have more than others.  Selective outrage is galling and spiritless, especially when it comes against Constitutional advocates.  Tactics of deflection, such as calling an opposing perspective "racist" -- the mother of all fallbacks -- just to keep their own motive(s) from being exposed no longer abates the increasingly veritable dissident.  Indeed it now legitimizes them.

Ideology may have let this mostly Right Wing tiger out of his cage, but all is not lost for the Democrats.  If you remember that Bill Clinton's election in 1992 inspired the Republican Revolution in '94, then fair-minded individuals are also likely to recall the GOP's sloppy handling of hot button issues (term limits, ethics rules, deficit spending) that ultimately played a roll in Clinton's easy re-election.  Though such history is not a certain indicator of things to come, at least in the political arena, the impact of the November midterm elections on Obama's 2012 presidential run is hardly etched in stone as well.

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