Saturday, April 10, 2010

Real Music: Steve Vai

On April 1, I tweeted the following: "Do kids today realize that the vast majority of the music their generation listens to is complete crap?"  Since then, less than two weeks ago, I have frequently considered the present-day "mainstream" music scene and compared it to the glorious and not-so-distant past.

Although the authenticity of popular music in general has remained suspect, the talent for which music lovers actively search is very much available, even if big record companies no longer offer it to us (as it seems they once did) on a silver platter.  As a result, I am adding another feature to this ever growing blog called "Real Music."

To start, I have selected a genius, a rock icon, and a true virtuoso all wrapped up in a man known as Steve Vai, and I was fortunate enough to catch one of his notable performances on Palladia recently.  Entitled Where the Wild Things Are, I was amazed to witness how Vai fashions each song to constantly build until the instrumental momentum reaches its intended apex.

"Now We Run," the second song of his set, perhaps best typifies everything the man strives to accomplish with his guitar (not to mention a considerable backup band).  So take six minutes and allow yourself to be entertained by a master of his craft.  Enjoy.

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