Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud: Pamela

I was reminded over the weekend about perhaps the greatest of all my cinematic crushes.  Although there haven't been as many as one might assume, recalling those of the utmost brilliance is never difficult, especially when such prodigious quality is first encountered during a simpler and more innocent time.

Lorie Griffin, a quintessential all-American beauty who played "Pamela Wells" in the '80s classic Teen Wolf – one of the defining movies of my youth (try not to laugh) – knocked my socks off when I saw her in the aforesaid flick as a fifth grader living in the College Park area of Virginia Beach.  Some 25 years later, I remain astounded over both her timeless splendor and the deficiency of comparable talent that has come along since.

My girl all but withdrew from the limelight almost as soon as the film that could have led her to stardom was released.  How such a tour de force didn’t eventually become an award-winning national treasure is a conundrum of immeasurable proportions that is sure to remain well beyond my limited grasp.  Yet this is one specimen who will endure, perhaps for another 25 years, as the gold standard of refined loveliness among the plethora of Hollywood's most exceptional.

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