Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tim Tebow vs. the pro-choice conundrum

Super Bowl XLIV is kicking off less than 24 hours from the time this is being written, and the pro-life commercial featuring Tim Tebow that Focus on the Family shelled out more than $2 million to broadcast during the Saints-Colts match-up has garnered as much attention, the majority of it negative, as the game itself.

Having drawn the harshest criticism from the usual suspects -- NARAL, Planned Parenthood, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and the National Abortion Federation (who hails Dr. George Tiller as "an American Hero") -- the more recent comments from the likes of Gloria Allred, Joy Behar, and Jay Mariotti have been the most pointed.  Even an ESPN radio contributor (whose name currently escapes memory) referred to Focus on the Family as "militant." {January 29, approx. 9:40 a.m. CST}

Disputing the numerous pro-choice contentions, one-by-one, is unnecessary because mean-spirited insults merely deflect from the premise of the counterpoint(s).  So in short, the reasoning for the pro-life stance, in my own words, is this:

Sex is a sacred gift from God.  It is also a profound responsibility, and its negation often results in consequences.  If the consequence happens to culminate with the creation of a child, the man and woman are obligated to accept the responsibility of this new life that God has essentially allowed.

Despite the grey area regarding matters such as incest and rape, this, I believe, best explains why Conservatives are pro-life.  And clearly, this has nothing to do with a driving desire to control a woman's "right to choose."

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