Saturday, January 15, 2011

TEC's 2010-2011 College Football Top 10: Finale

Although late by at least three days, I felt obligated to give the final rankings the consideration they require before arriving at a definitive conclusion.  Such time is necessary because this one-man operation takes some degree of pride in running a better ranking system than the flawed and controversial Bowl Championship Series, not to mention the irrational fan polls scattered throughout the Internet.  Hence, the following are final:

1) Cam Newton is ineligible, thus Auburn University is also ineligible and their bastardized BCS national title is not recognized by TEC; 2) As declared in the Week 14 rankings on December 6, the Oregon Ducks are your regular season champions, and 3) As a result of their win over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian are TEC's national champions.

They weren't the team from the State of Texas most would have suspected, but the respect the Frogs have earned from even the most ardent skeptics is justified.  Congratulations to Texas Christian University.

#1  Texas Christian {13-0}
#2  Oregon {12-1}
#3  Stanford {12-1}
#4  Ohio State {12-1}
#5  Wisconsin {11-2}
#6  Oklahoma {12-2}
#7  Boise State {12-1}
#8  Louisiana State {11-2}
#9  Alabama {10-3}
#10  Nevada {13-1} & Oklahoma State {11-2}

Dropped from the previous poll: Michigan State, Arkansas, Virginia Tech

These are what real champions look like.


Jensen said...

I like to refer to him as Scam Newton.

AMW said...

Slawburn, and that older brother of yours, can celebrate all they want. They can take a bunch of pictures, buy a truck full of souvenirs and talk all the trash they want. In a few years, they're going down -- just like USC did.