Friday, January 21, 2011

List Fest: Stuff bros like

A definitive list, currently 148 talking points long (and still growing), was recently brought to my attention.  Written in the same vibe as The Art of Manliness, BroBible, Every Day Should Be Saturday, Manofest and Things That Are White Trash, a blog called Bros Like This Site has compiled a list which -- unfortunately perhaps -- describes most young boys/men perfectly.

Listed below is TEC's handpicked top 25 from that bold, illustrious, and perhaps tragic list:

1. Cheerleaders

2. Ultimate Fighting (UFC, Strikeforce, M-1, etc.)

3. Fantasy football

4. Talking about lifting (weights)

5. Blindly hating opposing fans

6. Quoting movies

7. Energy drinks

8. Stories about college parties

9. Events created solely for drinking purposes

10. Talking about how wasted they got

11. Road trips

12. Making fun of tragic celebrity deaths

13. Hating hipsters

14. Giving girls nicknames

15. Arguing about whether a girl is hot

16. Not calling girls when you say you will

17. Making girls cry

18. Birth control not involving condoms

19. Not caring about the environment

20. Loving America

21. Vegas

22. Crashing parties

23. Heckling

24. Throwback jerseys

25. Talking about their dumps (bowel movements, for the less informed)

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