Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud: Man Rule #1

You have to own it when you sucker punch a guy in the gems.  Don't pretend like you didn't, or that it somehow occurred by accident when purposeful contact was clearly made.  Case in point: last Friday night Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett gave Channing Frye a love tap (with his fist) to the groin as Frye attempted to extend the Phoenix Suns' 11-point lead late in the fourth quarter.  Adding insult to injury, Garnett proceeded to act with incredulous astonishment -- something for which he is well-known -- over being ejected from the game for his flagrant low blow.
That's not proper behavior for a future Hall of Famer, KG.  Next time just man-up, raise your hand, and pray that retribution doesn't come when you play the Suns again on March 2.


TDM Wendy said...

My son would like this post. He is a huge basketball fan and knows all the players. Most of them - not role models :)

AMW said...

I grew up a big fan of Pete Maravich and Magic Johnson. Although we don't expect pro athletes to act as paradigms of chastity and virtue all the time, the NBA has clearly taken a turn for the worse, which might explain why the league is losing about $350 million a year and facing possible contraction.