Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday's Quote: The Christian tradition

© Arnold Friberg
There is a peculiar intelligentsia that rejects with increasing boldness our claim as a Christian nation. The current President, a professed Christian (of some sort), is evidently among them.

Indeed many amid this highbrow herd take a similar issue with our Founders – 49 of the 56 to be exact – by flatly denying the otherwise irrefutable evidence of their mutual belief in the central figure of the world's largest religion. Below is our first President offering a bit of clarity for those hell-bent on misrepresenting the core of his Faith:


"While I reiterate the professions of my dependence upon Heaven as the source of all public and private blessings; I will observe that the general prevalence of piety, philanthropy, honesty, industry, and œconomy seems, in the ordinary course of human affairs, particularly necessary for advancing and conforming the happiness of our country.

"While all men within our territories are protected in worshipping the Deity according to the dictates of their consciences; it is rationally to be expected from them in return, that they will be emulous of evincing the sanctity of their professions by the innocence of their lives and the beneficence of their actions; for no man, who is profligate in his morals, or a bad member of the civil community, can possibly be a true Christian, or a credit to his own religious society."
– from George Washington's Letter to the General Assembly of Presbyterian Churches; May 1789

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