Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud: Women and the Left

Sarah Palin isn't the first woman of the Conservative persuasion on whom the mostly Left-leaning press has taken a massive crap. But considering the almost clich├ęd accusations of misogyny levied against the Right, it seems fitting that Confidence Men, a new book by Pulitzer-winning journalist and best-selling author Ron Suskind, depicts the White House in an unflattering light by, among other ways, illustrating the current administration's intolerant brashness toward women.

My girl Sarah is lovely, but that doesn't necessarily make her presidential – even despite recent polling data that shows her within five percentage points of Obama. Perhaps fatefully, the reason(s) for which many would not likely vote for her are in stark contrast to the manufactured cult of personality that did wonders to convince an astonishing 69 million people to vote for the guy who became our 44th President.

No matter, as the dynamics that got Obama elected will not factor in getting him re-elected. "Obama girl" may as well stay home next time around.

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Jill said...

Well said.