Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday's Quote: Reagan & Generation X

Whatever the reason(s), generational shifts in Congress are usually attributed to the Left.  But not this time:

"These politicians belong to the first modern generation of Americans not expected to earn more money than their parents.  It's a generation purportedly defined by a distrust in institutions and, for many, a deference to markets.

"They've never been drafted to go to war and they've rarely heard a politician make the case that the federal government can provide the cure for the nation's ills.

"Many of the young Republicans formed their lasting political notions during the presidency of a man who was born 100 years before they were sworn in, Ronald Reagan.  The average age of the GOP freshman is 47, meaning many probably cast their first presidential vote when Reagan was re-elected in 1984.  'These are the children of Reagan', said Henry Brady, political scientist at University of California, Berkeley."
-- from "Reagan ideas inspire new lawmakers" by Chicago Tribune columnist Kathleen Hennessey; March 20, 2011

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