Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud: When "juice" gets loose

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The trial for baseball icon(oclast) Barry Bonds began on Monday.  Charged with obstruction of justice and four counts of perjury regarding his involvement with performance enhancing drugs, it's clear that Bonds is up to his neck in trouble, as federal guidelines mandate a sentence of anywhere from six to 50 years if convicted on all counts.
No matter the final outcome, purists will never view Bonds as baseball's all-time home run leader.  That distinction still belongs to Hank Aaron.  Although he had the advantage of over 2,000 more at-bats than Babe Ruth, the authenticity of Aaron's record achievement has never been mired by an abundance of controversy and damning evidence.  So let the nay-sayers claim what they want, but there will never be an asterisk next to 755 in the record book.

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