Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud: An unprecedented screw job

Both pictures © New York Post
Though I didn't have a dog in the hunt, I found myself nonetheless glued to the final moments of Wednesday's Big East tournament match-up between Rutgers and St. John's, the final half-minute of which is unequal to anything I've ever seen in sports.

While most media outlets have fixated on the two blown non-calls in the final six seconds of the game, which center primarily on St. John's Justin Brownlee (pictured), the two non-calls that preceded this travesty with about 30 seconds remaining almost certainly cost the Scarlet Knights the game.

The end result mattered little in the end.  St. John's (22-10, ranked #18 nationally by ESPN & USA Today) hung tough but lost earlier today in their quarterfinal game against traditional powerhouse Syracuse (26-6, #11), which is a more favorable result than lowly Rutgers (15-17) could have realistically hoped.

But given the chance -- one they probably deserved -- the Scarlet Knights would have loved the opportunity.

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