Saturday, March 19, 2011

Did You Know (or Care): MMA done right

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Dana White runs the Ultimate Fighting Championship perfectly, which is why the UFC has remained the gold standard of the mixed martial arts world for over a decade.  Thus, in keeping with some of the intriguing match-ups for tonight's UFC 128, I found this rather interesting...

Last December during the UFC's Ultimate Fighter 12 finale, multi-black belt stylist Nam Phan connected on nearly twice as many strikes (122-to-66) as his fellow featherweight opponent, Leonard Garcia.  But to this dismay of virtually everyone who saw the fight, the judges awarded Garcia the split decision victory.  Unmoved by the result, Dana White gave Phan the $8,000 "win bonus" anyway.

Additionally the match itself was named "Robbery of the Year" by, the industry's most authoritative and well-established website.

Source: Fighters Only, March 2011 (p. 24)

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