Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday's Quote: The way they think

I have an issue (or two) with the way Liberals process information.

They claim the Bush tax cuts reduced public revenues and expanded the federal deficit.  They also claim that a fetus is little more than a blob, that abortion does not result in other physical and mental ailments, that gun control reduces crime, that pro-life and pro-gun stances are incompatible, that media bias is over-exaggerated, and that questioning the homosexual agenda is equivalent to only the severest form of bigotry.

Despite a coalition of 39 nations, the Left also insists that our military acted unilaterally in Iraq, that renaming the War on Terrorism to "Overseas Contingency Operation" isn't laughable, that cutbacks to our defenses will some how make us more secure, that our country will go bankrupt if we don't spend more taxpayer dollars, that all religions teach the same thing, that Intelligent Design has no evidence, and that a 13-story mega-mosque at Ground Zero is acceptable (but prayer in our public schools is not).

These heavily promoted falsehoods are motivated by ideologues who also believe that, somehow, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert can lead the Left through its self-induced political wilderness via the "The Rally To Restore Sanity" and "The March To Keep Fear Alive" on October 30.  That is bizarre, if not absurd, to most of us.  Yet it makes perfect sense to them because using jokes to convey the Left Wing's message is their only real weapon.

And that is why their defeat is imminent --

"So they can't find any port-a-potties for Stewart and Colbert's rallies.  Actually, this could be helpful: the attendees can go ahead and crap in their pants as practice for what's going to happen on Election Day. ... I actually think that every network ought to televise these Stewart and Colbert rallies.  I can't think of anything better to get out the Tea Party vote than having the ordinary American voter mocked by a bunch of stupid (and smug-about-it), overpaid, metrosexual comedians."
-- Rush Limbaugh; October 20, 2010

Glenn Beck's rally is on top.  The counter rally is beneath it (in more ways than one).

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