Monday, October 31, 2011

TEC's College Football Top 10, Week 9

In lieu of this season's version of The Game of the Century, it's worth noting that former #1 Oklahoma's 41-point win over a solid Kansas State team demonstrated why the Sooners were kept in the Top 10 after their fluke loss to Texas Tech nine days ago – any momentum of which the Red Raiders tossed the very next game following a doleful 41-7 defeat to perennial doormat Iowa State. OU's shot at the national title is gone, but their status as an elite squad remains undeniable.

Michigan State drops from the ranks of the contenders thanks to a 21-point loss to Nebraska, who now reclaims their own place among in the upper tier. Clemson also fall from the Top 10 via their 14-point loss in Atlanta to unranked Georgia Tech. While Arkansas managed a win in its second straight nail-biter, their struggle to put away inferior opponents results in the Razorbacks losing a position in the rankings. Similarly, Virginia Tech is a tenuous entry into the Top 10, as their four-point win over lowly Duke makes the Hokies' game against Georgia Tech (after their upcoming by week) a chance to prove they're for real.

As for LSU/Alabama this weekend, what else can be said about the Tigers and Tide that hasn't already been said about the Super Bowl? It's gonna be huge.

1. Louisiana State (Bye), 8-0, 630 pts.
2. Alabama (Bye), 8-0, 620 pts.
3. Stanford (def. USC, 56-48 in 3 OT), 8-0, 600 pts.
4. Oklahoma State (def. Baylor, 59-24), 8-0, 575 pts.
5. Boise State (Bye), 7-0, 545 pts.
6. Oregon (def. Washington State, 43-28), 7-1, 510 pts.
7. Oklahoma (def. Kansas State, 58-17), 7-1, 455 pts.
8. Nebraska (def. Michigan State, 24-3), 7-1, 395 pts.
9. Arkansas (def. Vanderbilt, 31-28), 7-1, 350 pts.
10. Virginia Tech (def. Duke, 14-10), 8-1, 320 pts.

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