Friday, October 14, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud: Mr. Jobs

c/o Apple
The world lost one of the grandest of all innovative visionaries on October 5. Designated at the time of his death as either the primary or co-inventor on a remarkable 342 patents, Steve Jobs is ultimately responsible for establishing the tech company that changed the game for the benefit of an ever-growing contingency that covets something different from the tedious norm.

So profound was his impact that Apple nearly went under when Jobs lost a power struggle with the board of directors. His return, some 10 years later in 1996, soon re-established both Jobs and the enterprise he founded as the industry benchmark by which all others are now judged.

Steve Jobs is mourned for all the right reasons. The same will never be said of his titanic counterparts. Indeed he is the perhaps the last CEO who will ever be missed. Farewell Mr. Jobs. You founded the only cult that's worth joining, and I look forward to becoming one of your devotees – when I can finally afford it.

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