Monday, October 24, 2011

TEC's College Football Top 10, Week 8

The last four words in the Week 7 report were "Don't doubt the Sooners." Five days later, they lost at home to then-unranked Texas Tech. While an argument can be made against their place in the upper tier, Oklahoma hangs on despite their surprising defeat to the Red Raiders. Yet the Sooners' mettle will be tested in each of the next two weeks, as Kansas State and Texas A&M – both nationally ranked – could push OU, not just further down the national rankings, but out of contention for the Big XII title as well.

Similarly, Wisconsin fall out of the top 10 thanks to a Michigan State "Hail Mary" that produced the most sensational ending all season. Hence the Spartans now hold a place among the national contenders while the Badgers find themselves on the outside looking in for the first time this year.

While Oregon jumped a couple of spots with their progressively improved play, all pales in comparison to the colossal showdown coming on November 5 between the undisputed two best teams in the land. Both the Tigers and the Tide stand to benefit from having this week off, as both squads know the next 12 days will determine the path of both SEC and national superiority.

In the arena of college football, Christmas is about to come a bit early this year.

1. Louisiana State (def. Auburn, 45-10), 8-0, 630 pts.
2. Alabama (def. Tennessee, 37-6), 8-0, 620 pts.
3. Stanford (def. Washington, 65-21), 7-0, 600 pts.
t-4. Boise State (def. Air Force, 37-26), 7-0, 560 pts.
t-4. Oklahoma State (def. Missouri, 45-24), 7-0, 560 pts.
6. Oregon (def. Colorado, 45-2), 6-1, 515 pts.
7. Clemson (def. North Carolina, 59-38), 8-0, 450 pts.
8. Arkansas (def. Ole Miss, 29-24), 6-1, 385 pts.
9. Michigan State (def. Wisconsin, 37-31), 6-1, 350 pts.
10. Oklahoma (lost to Texas Tech, 41-38), 6-1, 330 pts.

c/o MCC
It was of some consolation to hear recently about the new Ole Miss mascot being routinely jeered during home games. Indeed, for a number of years now, the Oxford faithful have made their feelings about the new university representative clear in almost total unison. While school officials are likely to stay the course no matter the opposition, one can expect loyalists who support the Rebels through thick and thin to do the same.

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