Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud (Again): On the international tip

c/o The Guardian
So, the Chinese got their hands on a Russian hand-me-down and converted it into an aircraft carrier.  I also hear they've developed a new missile that's been called a "carrier killer."  (Taiwan recently developed one of its own, which is aimed squarely at China.)

All of that is nice, but know this – the United States has more boats and high-speed explosive projectiles than our potential aggressors on the other side of the Pacific will ever be able to handle.  Indeed America and the Allies took communist Russia down and we'll take them down, too.  So be nice China, or you'll never see another dime of that $1 trillion we owe you.

© Joel Goodman, via Mother Jones
It's good to see the looting that's occurred during the London riots has been perpetrated by individuals of every race and background.  This isn't multiculturalism at its finest by any means, but at least the masses can come together for something.

And yes, I'm kidding.  More or less.

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