Monday, December 6, 2010

TEC's College Football Top 10, Week 14

If my services were being offered in exchange for a six-figure sum, I would know about it.  To say or think otherwise, especially in regard to college football, is fabulously delusional.

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton regained eligibility just 24 hours after being declared ineligible for one reason only: Texas Christian, ranked #3 in both the Associated Press and BCS polls, does not engender the mass appeal for a multi-million-dollar national title game that Auburn does.  So the NCAA buckled by handing down a decrepit, if not shameful ruling that is destined to be overturned eventually, even if it takes years -- just as it did for Reggie Bush.

Thus, because TEC refuses to overlook the evidence directly in front of my face, both Cam Newton and Auburn University are hereby ineligible for any further consideration in this illustrious poll.  As a result, Auburn drops out, every team below them moves up, and Virginia Tech re-enters the Top 10.  Additionally, the Oregon Ducks are hereby declared the inaugural TEC regular season national champions.  The final Top 10 will be out once the bowl games are complete.

Enjoy the trophies while you can, War Eagles.  The accolades won't remain yours for very long.
Rankings as of December 6, 2010
#1  Oregon (12-0), 680 pts.
#2  Texas Christian (12-0), 635 pts.
#3  Wisconsin (11-1), 615 pts.
#4  Stanford (11-1), 580 pts.
#5  Ohio State (11-1), 545 pts.
#6  Michigan State (11-1), 510 pts.
#7  Boise State (11-1), 450 pts.
#8  Oklahoma (11-2), 375 pts.
#9  Arkansas (10-2), 310 pts.
#10  Virginia Tech (11-2), 300 pts.

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