Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Heisman (according to TEC)

Although law abiding citizens believe in due process, there is simply no way that Auburn quarterback Cam Newton didn't know about his father's indiscretions, particularly if he and his dad are even half as close as they claim.

Quoting myself from just five days ago: If my services were being offered in exchange for a six-figure sum, I would know about it.  To say or think otherwise, especially in regard to college football, is fabulously delusional.  As a result, Newton is ineligible and his impressive stats (3,998 total yards, 48 touchdowns) go for naught.

The best player in college football is not defined by statistics alone.  He is also measured by his impact upon the team for which he plays.  After much consideration, the second annual TEC "vote" for the Heisman Memorial Trophy is as follows:

1. LaMichael James {Running Back, Sophomore, Oregon} -- 1,682 rushing yards (led FBS), 21 touchdowns (led FBS), 152.9 yards per game (led FBS)

2. Landry Jones {Quarterback, Sophomore, Oklahoma} -- 4,289 passing yards (second in FBS), 35 touchdowns (third in FBS), 329.9 yards per game (third in FBS)

3. Kellen Moore {Quarterback, Junior, Boise State} -- 3,506 passing yards, 33 touchdowns (fourth in FBS), 71.0% completion (third in FBS), 185.0 QB Rating (second in FBS to ineligible Cam Newton), 10.2 yards per attempt (second in FBS to ineligible Cam Newton), 6.6-to-1 TD/INT ratio (led FBS)

4. Denard Robinson {Quarterback, Sophomore, Michigan} -- 2,316 passing yards, 16 touchdowns; 1,643 rushing yards (third in FBS), 14 touchdowns; 3,959 total yards, 30 touchdowns

5. Justin Blackmon {Wide Receiver, Sophomore, Oklahoma State} -- 1,665 receiving yards (second in FBS), 18 touchdowns (first in FBS), 151.4 yards per game (first in FBS)
Honorable Mention
(listed alphabetically)
Some players don't get the recognition they deserve.  In fact four guys from Hawaii -- Bryant Moniz, Greg Salas, Kealoha Pilares and Mana Silva -- immediately come to mind.  If all things were equal the following (aside from Luck, who was left out of TEC's top five for the same reasons as Tim Tebow last year) would receive consideration as well:

* Da'Quan Bowers {Defensive End, Junior, Clemson} -- 15.5 Sacks (led FBS)

* Jayron Hosley {Cornerback, Sophomore, Virginia Tech} -- 8 Interceptions (tied-first in FBS)

* Luke Kuechly {Linebacker, Sophomore, Boston College} -- 171 tackles (led FBS), 14.3 tackles per game (led FBS)

* Andrew Luck {Quarterback, Junior, Stanford} -- 3,051 passing yards, 28 touchdowns, 70.2% completion (fifth in FBS)

* Brandon Weeden {Quarterback, Junior, Oklahoma State} -- 4,037 passing yards (third in FBS), 32 touchdowns (fifth in FBS), 336.4 yards per game (second in FBS)

May as well put Newton's face on this one, too.

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