Saturday, August 28, 2010

Three things you should know about Islam (ما يجب أن تعرفه عن الإسلام)

Considering the inroads Muslims have been making in our once-great society, I thought a comprehensive assessment about Islam from an objective non-religious group would be in order.  I promise you, this is worth a mere eight minutes of your time:


Holly said...

It sounds kind of like fundamental Christianity, but with balls and violence. Which are huge differences, of course.

Also, another point: the early passages of the Bible are the violent, hardcore ones with the stoning and the misogyny and all that. Those have been superseded by the more peaceful versions of Jesus' teachings (still misogynist, but OK). So that's a tally mark for Christian-ness.

I imagine there are millions who claim to be Muslims but refuse to believe in the tenets described here. Thank goodness we have enough lazy/moderate Muslims and lazy/moderate Christians or we'd all be blown to bits.

AMW said...

The difference is that the "Christian" kook fringe isn't running the program. The same cannot be said for Islam. Indeed, when you break it all down, it will be the Christian -- and perhaps only the Christian -- who will stand against such an invader.