Friday, August 6, 2010

From My Own Camera: Beale Street

(click to enlarge)
A classic from the pre-digital camera era taken way past closing time --

Originally named Beale Avenue in 1841, this nearly two-mile stretch of downtown Memphis digressed into a dilapidated state by the 1970s, prompting some to call for the area to be flattened.  By the 1990s, however, city developers revitalized the district, turning this historic area into a tourist attraction and a point of civic pride that features Silky O'Sullivan's, New Daisy Theater, B.B. King's Blues Club, Hard Rock Cafe', Coyote Ugly, Rum Boogie Cafe', and the W.C. Handy ("Father of the Blues") House and Museum.


Holly said...

Most locals consider it to be a tourist-y place, although I've had a few great times on Beale. I will never, ever go to Silky's again though. A case of mistaken identity and drunken reverse-racism got me kicked out once and I've never forget how horribly I was treated.

AMW said...

Beale St. is perhaps the most touristy part of Memphis, aside from Graceland, and I suppose it's fine for locals in small doses. But the area has been plagued by all kinds of negativity, so I felt a rare pic of an uninhabited Beale would be appropriate.