Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Thinking Out Loud: The thrill is gone

MTV, however warped at times, used to be fun. The music videos were fun. The specials and award shows were fun. Even their “reality” shows were fun. Heck, I remember when Spring Break was a week-long extravaganza through which millions of young people lived in a vicarious hope that, just maybe, we would one day be able to participate in the fun. It wasn’t as innocent or idyllic as we might prefer to remember, but it was better.

Programming then was more lighthearted, and there was little in terms of ulterior motives to implement a kind of social agenda so commonly seen today. And that’s why MTV sucks now. The days of blithe entertainment have been replaced by Left-leaning PSAs which, all too often, imply that aligning with anyone but the Democrats is unacceptable, if not downright offensive to any freethinking individual.

MTV is still on-air. But the network, despite steady ratings spawned perhaps by the morose curiosity of one vacuous series after another has essentially been lifeless for quite a while. And that’s not likely to ever change.

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