Sunday, April 29, 2012


I attempted to swerve away from the raccoon sitting in the middle of Macon Road in the Cordova area of Memphis, just several hundred yards down the street from my high school alma mater. But the little guy I’m assuming it was a male maneuvered in my direction just as I attempted to avoid him.

I’ve dodged would-be road kill countless times before. On this occasion, however, I wasn’t so lucky. The same thing occurred about 10 years ago, except that it was a squirrel on Altruria Road (near U.S. 70) in Bartlett. In any case, seeing the defenseless animal in my rearview mirror go into convulsive shock from getting run over was pretty much the perfect end to an otherwise f’d up week.

Yes, I know that Sunday is, in fact, the first day of the week. Just go with it.

I’ve been almost continuously fatigued lately. Perhaps you can relate. I awake with a headache often (possibly job related). My back also hurts more and more (absolutely job related) while my overall impetus is hindered by a peculiar inability to focus and power my way through. And this blog has fallen off a bit over the past month or two as a direct consequence.

I need to get my shiznit together. Fo’ shizzle indeed. So, for those interested, I’m taking a brief sabbatical. And with that, two conclusions: 1) there is no Sunday’s Quote today, and 2) I’m retiring the Editorial Sketch of the Week feature, as it seems that I’m possibly breaking the law for not paying these professionals for their work, though I have never failed to credit the author.

I intend to return in the near future stronger than ever. See y’all soon.

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