Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday's Quote: Frank tells it like it is

c/o The Reformed Broker
Most people understand why the Occupy protests started, but I'm guessing relatively few empathize with what these hordes deviated into almost overnight. Say what you want about the Tea Party, but not a soul was ever assaulted, raped, or arrested at any of their events. Violence never ensued, nothing was destroyed, drug paraphernalia was never discovered, and the riot police were not called because their presence was unnecessary. Such threats were never even plausible, and therein lies perhaps the biggest difference between us and them.

A couple of weeks ago, famed comic book artist, writer, and film director Frank Miller wrote a crushing 284-word denunciation of the "Occupy" movement. His words were so profound, so spot-on, I'm not altogether certain that my own blog is even worthy to feature Miller's words.

So intead, for the first time and out of total respect, I will simply provide a link to his site and you can take a look for yourself here. Enjoy.


Jenn said...

That was strong.

Greg said...

Everything sucks.

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