Monday, November 28, 2011

E/C’s College Football Top 10, Week 13

The regular season is just about over. This much is indisputably clear: Louisiana State is the #1 team in the nation. Alabama is barely half a notch below them. And everything else at this point is practically inconsequential.

Oklahoma had a respectable win against bowl-bound Iowa State, but it wasn’t enough to keep them ranked in this illustrious poll. USC replaces the Sooners by virtue of the (ineligible) Trojans’ 50-point shutout over rival UCLA.

1. Louisiana State (def. Arkansas, 41-17), 12-0, 675 pts.
2. Alabama (def. Auburn, 42-14), 11-1, 610 pts.
3. Virginia Tech (def. Virginia, 38-0), 11-1, 560 pts.
4. Stanford (def. Notre Dame, 28-14), 11-1, 555 pts.
5. Houston (def. Tulsa, 48-16), 12-0, 535 pts.
6. Oregon (def. Oregon State, 49-21), 10-2, 500 pts.
7. Oklahoma State (Bye), 10-1, 445 pts.
8. Boise State (def. Wyoming, 36-14), 10-1, 415 pts.
9. Arkansas (lost to LSU, 41-17), 10-2, 355 pts.
10. Southern California (def. UCLA, 50-0), 10-2, 350 pts.

Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images
The University of Georgia’s Ben Jones (left) and Brandon Boykin celebrate winning the 103rd installment of “Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate” over traditional rival Georgia Tech at Bobby Dodd Stadium on Saturday in Atlanta. While both players will be playing on Sundays next year, the juggernaut that awaits them five days from now – same city, different team – will be a bit more challenging.

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