Monday, November 15, 2010

TEC's College Football Top 10, Week 11

Your humble purveyor has some decisions to make.

Despite having dominated every team up to last Saturday, the top-ranked Ducks struggled mightily against an average Cal team that possibly won't make a bowl game for the first time in eight years.  But is Boise State's less-than-surprising 38-point victory over a four-win Idaho squad enough to overtake Oregon for the #1 position?

Despite the increasingly volatile Cam Newton situation, should Auburn jump into the top three because Texas Christian didn't put away a respectable San Diego State team until the very end?  Is Wisconsin's impressive 83 points against lowly Indiana, a game in which every Badger played, enough to stake their claim in the top three as well?

The answer to these questions, at this moment, is no.  Because every possible argument can be made for each contending team, and because there were no major upsets, there is no reason to change the rankings from last week.  But a considerable shakeup can be expected as the regular season draws to a close.  Stay tuned.
Rankings as of November 15, 2010
#1  Oregon (10-0), 670 pts.
#2  Boise State (9-0), 655 pts.
#3  Texas Christian (11-0), 620 pts.
#4  Auburn (11-0), 605 pts.
#5  Wisconsin (9-1), 530 pts.
#6  Stanford (9-1), 505 pts.
#7  Louisiana State (9-1), 410 pts.
#8  Ohio State (9-1), 375 pts.
#9  Nebraska (9-1), 325 pts.
#10  Oklahoma State (9-1), 305 pts.

Carried off by his team last Saturday upon earning South Carolina's first ever berth in the Southeastern Conference championship game, Steve Spurrier is as colorful as he is successful.  Prior to his arrival in Columbia, Darth Visor won six Southeastern Conference titles and the 1996 national championship at the University of Florida: the school at which the Ol' Ball Coach was originally a two-time All-American quarterback and recipient of the Heisman Trophy in 1966.

There's a bitter sweet irony in the Tennessee Vols' longtime antagonist being hoisted by the visiting team on the field in which he initially garnered so much success.  But it wouldn't bother me to see the Gamecocks beat Auburn on December 4, either.  Photo © Associated Press

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