Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It's hard to know where to begin, but I'm thankful to live in the United States, a nation for whom God undeniably shed His grace.  I'm equally thankful for the Pilgrims, the Founders, Conservatism, our military, and the defeat of the Left Wing.  Anyone offended by that should buy a one-way ticket to North Korea... or Venezuela... or Pakistan... or Ethiopia... or China... or some other oppressed nation where you'd have much, much more to complain about.


Vilges Suola said...

What accounts for your good fortune, then - karma? Why do you suppose God favours the USA so much? Why is He so MEAN to other people? Don't North Korea and Ethiopia need His favour more, rather than less?

Vilges Suola said...

Also, Adam, I'm curious and concerned - what's with the ultra-camp profile photo? Shouldn't you discuss this with a pastor? Don't you know you could be dead by 38 if you go that route?

AMW said...

I was looking for something humorous, and a little different, to use in my blog profile when I came across the "ultra-camp" pic of David Hasselhoff. You may find it arousing, but I think The Hoff wearing a skimpy with some photoshopped "bling" provides the touch of contrarian jocularity for which I was searching.

Also, the gratitude expressed in my brief Thanksgiving post is based upon a twofold premise, as my initial thinking centered on a near-endless stream of complaining here in the United States. Despite our national imperfections, there is virtually no focus on the unprecedented opportunity and success that has been achieved, and remains possible, via the American exceptionalism (first noted 170 years ago by Alexis de Tocqueville) that plays a part in defining who we are.

Refer to that as arrogance if you like, but the United States is considerably different thanks to the standard set by our forebears. In fact, possibly the most prevailing reason that America is neck-deep in trouble is conglomerated upon the fact that we, as a collective, have deviated so greatly from that which is tried and true, in essence sacrificing Truth on the altar of political correctness and social hypersensitivity for the sake of comfort and ease.

As for God, I don't think He's being "mean" to other nations. I simply believe people suffer when oppressive regimes run rampant, which are overcome only when a God-fearing people who are willing to bleed, suffer and die rise up to stop them. And I know this is true because that's how the powerhouse that is the United States of America was established.

Tristan said...

Not sure what you just wrote but it was damn cool.