Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday's Quote: Lane does it again

Just for the record, I was born 34 years ago today (5:07 a.m. to be exact) at St. Joseph's hospital in downtown Memphis.  I'm told my mom was in labor for a mere 30 minutes, as opposed to my aunt Judy, who labored with my cousin Angie for a whopping 25 hours.  I'm good like that.

Now considering my lifelong allegiance to the University of Tennessee -- rivaled only by my affection for Ole Miss -- and with the college football season rapidly approaching, I feel that a quote about perhaps the greatest villain in UT history would be in order:

"Unless USC head coach Lane Kiffin was Ulysses S. Grant or William Tecumseh Sherman in a past life, it would be difficult to imagine how the good people of Tennessee could hate him anymore than they already did.  Until now."
-- from the opening to "Lane Kiffin angers everyone in Tennessee (slight return)" by Doug Farrar

You really do suck.

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