Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Taking it one step too far (redux)

A recent post about the rash of Obama caricatures from the somewhat overzealous, albeit well-intentioned Right Wingers hellbent on seeing BHO and his party defeated in 2010 and 2012 was met with some unexpected criticism (via e-mail), as it seems my call to take the proverbial high road against even our harshest adversaries was swallowed by a kind of emotion that hasn't filled the heart of GOP adherents since the earliest days of the Clinton administration.

In all fairness, the Left's habitual low blows -- sometimes humorous, but often unnecessary and irrational -- helped to create this new wave of Conservative/Moderate/Libertarian activism that has yet to reach its peak.  And to demonstrate my point, the following is a caricature that, now, goes further to motivate than discourage:

To which I am compelled to reply...

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