Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taking it one step too far

Some of my fellow Right Wingers -- impassioned by their antipathy of Obama, his contemporaries, and their brand of politics (or hegemony) -- can, from time to time, go somewhat overboard in their drive to see the current President defeated in 2012 by mirroring tactics that are most commonly demonstrated by their sworn adversaries of the Left.

Possibly no greater kiss of death in the political arena occurs when the challenger only musters enough fortitude to serve up diluted versions of what the other side has been offering from the start.  Trouble may indeed loom when compromising the standard becomes the go-to rebuttal, regardless of how much momentum your side may, or may not, have.

Distorted, if not disturbing, caricatures are a prime example of what happens when even the most politically aware (and perhaps, creatively gifted) are led by emotion -- clear and precise evidence notwithstanding.  We should know that stooping to the level of our opponents only helps the other team, as it were, because it puts little discernible distance between us and them.  Understandably, however, some of us cannot resist.  Below are just four examples, in my opinion, of what not to do:

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