Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud: Ronnie

There are a variety of reasons why our 40th President remains so well-regarded among a considerable majority of the American populace some 22 years after his second term ended.  In fact the central reason may have something to do with eight men in particular – the four who occupied The White House before Reagan, and the four who arrived after he left office – who have been major embarrassments in their own unique ways.

Ronald Reagan wasn't perfect.  The man himself, in the name of humility and truth, would be the first to admit it.  But when compared to Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush (Sr. & Jr.), Clinton and Obama, his performance was practically through the roof.

Perhaps it isn't terribly difficult to shine when sandwiched between such gross mediocrity, but don't mistake this as hero worship.  Instead, consider it simply a comparative indictment of the ineptitude and near-perpetual scandal that has impacted the highest levels of our national leadership for entirely too long.  Reagan, no doubt, would be less than thrilled.


Linda said...

if only there were another like him.

AMW said...

I could offer a list of potentials, I suppose, but that seems presumptuous at this point.