Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud: Fear the burn

c/o New Jersey Guido
My fellow Caucasians are the only ethnic group on the planet that will knowingly bake themselves in a melanoma-causing apparatus for the conceited purpose of maintaining that look of "sun splash" we love to get after spending a few relaxing days at the beach.  Indeed our vainglorious pursuit of retaining a year-round glow is barely hindered at all by the innumerable warnings from the medical community regarding the long-term consequences imparted by such a hollow endeavor.

In an ironic twist, it seems that holding fast to the narcissistic conceptions about modern beauty and its implied benefits is the most surefire way to end up irreversibly burned.  So do yourself a favor and embrace your fair skinned European qualities.  After all, White people, there are far worse things than a complexion that's more pallid than you would prefer. 

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