Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just Thinking Out Loud: Barry & Larry

Although a mistrial was declared on three other charges, the obstruction of justice indictment against Barry Bonds stuck.  Now he's a convicted felon, his stats are officially tainted, and being voted into Cooperstown is all but impossible.  Some say the feds dropped the ball, but I say mission accomplished.  (And yes, Roger Clemens is next.)

Asked recently by CNN's Piers Morgan, Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt said he would like to be remembered as "someone who expanded the parameters of free speech in a good way."  But that's not likely.  Instead he will be remembered by most as a creepy smut peddler who profited greatly from exploiting the First Amendment by using pornography as a platform to advance his opinions.

Flynt might have lived the American Dream, but an icon he is not.

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